Ponemah Signal Conditioner Accessories

12 Channel Isolated Bio-potential POD 

Designed for versatility, the BIO 12 Pod satisfies a wide variety of applications where biopotentials or electrogram recordings are monitored in a tethered, acute, or invitro setting.


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Multi-Lead ECG POD 

Accurately conditions up to twelve simultaneous surface ECG signals using an industry standard 10-lead cable.  

  • Acute ECG monitoring for large animals
  • Conscious, restrained application
  • ECG presentations: Lead I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, and six V-leads
  • Connects to the Digital Communication Module (DCOM)

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Versatility Using Third Party Sensors 

Accelerate your research and get more from your animal model. DSI's signal conditioners allow simultaneous data collection from a variety of sensors routinely used in physiology and pharmacology laboratories.  

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