Buxco® Head-out Plethysmographs

Heaout system with 4 rat chambers_LR

Head-Out plethysmographs are used for the study of restrained, conscious subjects. These chambers provide direct measurement of pulmonary flow signals with no temperature or humidity dependence, and no bias flow requirement. Chambers are available for a wide variety species including: Mouse Pup, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, NHP. The Head-Out plethysmography system is ideal for researchers interested longitudinal studies without the use of anesthesia. The Mouse and Rat chambers feature the patented  Allay™ restraint. Chambers are also compatible with other data acquisition systems including DSI Ponemah which allows for the addition of telemetry endpoints to be collected simultaneously. 

Key Features:

  • Supported Species: Mouse Pup, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, NHP
  • Continuously measures respiratory flow signals in conscious animal
  • Chambers utilize easy to operate restraint systems and integrated pneumotach
  • Up to 8 chambers can be measure simultaneously with one Buxco amplifier
  • 2 amplifiers can be simultaneously interfaced with one software license
  • Low noise, 24 bit A/D amplifier design with USB interface to computer

Key Benefits:

  • Patented Allay™ Restraint - secures the animal without compressing the thorax (Mouse & Rat)
  • Patented Halcyon® pneumotach noise suppression design improves signal morphology*
  • Species flexibility – software, amplifier and transducers support all Head-Out chamber designs
  • FinePointe Software – integrated study design and subsequent automated reporting
  • Solid State Flow Transducer – small, rugged, low drift, high fidelity transducer mounts directly to chamber

* Not included on all chamber designs

Buxco Head-Out Chamber Details (Custom designs available upon request)

  • View Mouse Pup Head-Out Chamber

  • View Mouse Head-Out Chamber

  • View Rat Head-Out Chamber

  • View Rabbit Head-Out Chamber

  • View NHP Head-Out Chamber

HO Derived Parameters

  • Derived Parameters Table

Photo Gallery of Head-Out Chamber Accessories

Applications & References

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