Buxco Smoke Generation and Delivery Systems

    Turn-key solutions for delivery of tobacco and vape smoke



E-Cigarette, Vape and Tobacco Generator

Spend less time on maintenance and focus on your research

  • Ability to work with different devices or e-juices simultaneously reduces experiment variability
    and increases productivity
  • Greater aerosol output with a small footprint and reduced cost 
  • All smoke stations can operate in-sync creating deep inhalation puff profile
  • For each device type, users can alter the volume, inhalation/exhalation duration and
    puff frequency to generate countless custom profiles 
  • Complete ISO conformance

Automated Smoke Generator

Build efficiency with a machine that burns up to 300 traditional cigarettes unattended

  • 8-24 hours of unattended operation
  • Wide range of cigarette sizes accepted
  • Automated delivery, lighting, positioning, and ejection of cigarettes
  • Direct smoke puffed by mechanical lung, allows control of puff volumes and rates, including industry standard puff settings
  • Direct smoke and indirect smoke are available through separate ports
  • Smoking chamber is lit internally
  • Cleanable glass door and chamber ceiling allow a clear view of the smoking cigarette
  • Sealed chamber prevents virtually any smoke from escaping to lab
  • Compact size fits small lab spaces and standard hoods
Smoke GeneratorLR