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Are you interested in learning how DSI solutions can be integrated into your research?  We've created several whitepapers spotlighting various therapeutic areas and providing an overview of how our solutions serve each one.  All papers are free to download.





In Vivo Research Approaches in the Study of Neurological Disease and Psychiatric Disorders

Neurological disease and psychiatric disorders are some of the most heavily funded research areas today. Although tremendous strides have been made, the study of the brain and spinal cord leaves many questions unanswered. Learn about the most commonly researched neurological disease and psychiatric disorders as well as in vivo approaches to measure endpoints of interest.

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Research Approaches in the Study of Respiratory Diseases

Some of the leading causes of death worldwide are respiratory related. Today, scientists face many challenges as the cause of respiratory-related diseases come in many forms.  Learn about the most commonly researched respiratory diseases and solutions for measuring endpoints of interest.





Advancing Research with Continuous Glucose Telemetry

Intermittent blood sampling is the most commonly used method of measuring glucose in preclinical research; however, intermittent blood sampling only allows a small number of samples within any set period of time due to welfare concerns related to loss of blood volume.  Learn the advantages of continuously monitoring blood glucose with telemetry including animal welfare improvements, higher quality data, and advanced study options.







Research Models of Traumatic Brain Injury

Historically, animal models of traumatic brain injury (TBI) have had limited success in translation to clinical applications.  Recommendations for improving translation include monitoring biomarkers for longer periods, of time after injury, employing more than one injury model, and using clinically meaningful large animal models prior to starting any human clinical trials.  Learn about the most common TBI animal models and how DSI solutions can be used to study them.





Novel Approaches to Studying Cancer Physiology in Preclinical Research Models

Throughout the world, researchers from academic institutions to government initiatives are working together to find a way to beat cancer. Animal studies continue to be at the forefront of cancer breakthroughs and achievements. Life-saving treatments and diagnostics saving hundreds of thousands of cancer patients a year exist thanks to preclinical assessments in animal models.  Learn about novel endpoints being studied and products used to measure them.

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