DSI Exchange


DSI Exchange allows customers to exchange their used telemetry implants for replacement implants at a fraction of the original purchase price.

We ensure that each implant manufactured as part of DSI Exchange meets or exceeds design expectations for guaranteed performance and quality. Participating in DSI Exchange contributes to a decrease in the overall cost of each customer's study.


  • Each implant is hand assembled by DSI’s highly skilled technicians and receives 100% inspection to ensure that all components meet our quality standards
  • A new battery is installed to guarantee functionality over the warranty period
  • Several steps ensure that a biocompatible device guaranteed to perform to specifications in vivo is delivered:
    • Packaging in a biocompatible housing
    • Attachment of biopotential leads and catheters to provide signal fidelity
    • Pre-shipment sterilization


  • Mechanical and electrical testing of all components to guarantee optimal functionality
  • Full calibration of each signal followed by testing to ensure accuracy specifications are met or exceeded when used as intended. Signals include: temperature, pressure, biopotential, and respiratory impedance
  • Each implant includes a label on the sterile package to document that the device has been calibrated for accuracy



  • Each implant shipped from DSI is guaranteed to function over its warranty period
  • Exchanged implants are purchased for a fraction of the cost of new devices, which reduces ongoing study costs while maintaining data quality and accuracy
  • Use DSI implants with confidence; when questions arise, our Technical Support, Customer Service, and Sales teams are here to help

DSI customers already participating in the DSI Exchange program can download the necessary forms here.

Are you interested in paying for your exchanges now, but sending your implants back to DSI for exchange when you are ready for replacement devices?  If so, consider DSI's pre-pay exchange program for telemetry implants.