YSI Temperature Probe

The YSI Temperature Probe is used in conjunction with the 7700 Series Universal XE Signal Conditioner.  Calibration is software controlled using a Graphical User Interface (GUI).  Reusability, dependability and high precision are key factors that make the YSI temperature probe the choice for physiological temperature measurements.
  •  High accuracy within ± 0.2 Degrees Celsius
  •  Vinyl design for ease-of-insertion and long term use
  •  Optimal for measurements in the physiological temperature range
  •  Temperature probes are calibrated using standards traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST)

Range of Operation                         0° to 60°C  
Accuracy   ±0.2°C from -1° to 60°C,
    ±0.1°C from 25° to 45°C


Part Number              Description
P02302-701                         Temperature Probe YSI 701 17FR
    Compensated Esophageal/Rectal
13-7715-59   Universal XE Signal Conditioner
13-7715-58   Universal Signal Conditioner (Discontinued Product)
J03586   Adaptor Cable 18”
Specifications are current at publication.
Due to DSI’s continuing product improvement program, specifications may change without notice.