Multi-Lead ECG POD

The Multi-Lead ECG POD has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the pre-clinical research community. Accurately conditioning up to twelve simultaneous surface ECG signals using an industry 10-lead cable,
the Multi-Lead ECG POD is ideal for:

  • Acute ECG monitoring in large animals
  • Conscious, restrained applications
  • Quick, snap-shot ECG data collection

An adapter cable (20 feet in length) is used to connect the Multi-Lead ECG Pod to the Digital Communication Module (DCOM) in the chassis; allowing the pod to be closer to the test subject. The 10-lead input harness is 6 feet in length and comes with both banana and grabber style connections.  

  • ECG presentations: Lead I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, and six V-leads
  • Continuous Signals - 12 Simultaneous Leads
  • Patient isolated and defibrillation protected with baseline reset
  • TTL output for QRS pulse detection to trigger external equipment
  • Easy 2 button calibration check
  • Leads-off indicator


Signal Input
The ECG inputs are available on the side panel via a captive 15 pin female, D-sub connector.
Input Leads                           RA, LA, LL, RL, and V1-V6
Resolution   16 Bits
Sample Rate   10 kHz, 12 channels MUX at 120 kHz
Input Impedance   > 10M Ohms
Input Voltage   ±250uV to ±25mV full scale
Defibrillator Protection   360 Joules delivered at 5000V
Defibrillator Recovery   Waveforms viewable within 50mS after pulse
Isolation   > 1500V rms for 1 minute, isolated circuits to chassis 
Programmable Filters    
Low Pass   10, 30, 100, 300, 500 Hz (hardware implemented)
High Pass   0.05, 0.10, 30.0 Hz (hardware implemented)
Accuracy Specifications    
Gain Error, % of FS   <±0.5%
Linearity, % of FS   <±0.5%
Noise   <15uV pk-pk or 0.1% of Full Scale (whichever is greater)
Crosstalk   <-60dB 
Common Mode   <-90dB



Part Number                     Description 
13-7770-ECG12   Multi-Lead ECG POD
13-7715-70   Digital Communication Module (DCOM)

PNM-P3P-7002XS   ACQ7700-USB Acquisition Interface Unit (2-slot)
PNM-P3P-7002   ACQ7700-USB Acquisition Interface Unit (6-slot)
PNM-P3P-7002XE   ACQ7700-USB Acquisition Interface Unit (13-slot)
274-7000-001*   10 Lead Input Harness for Multi-Lead ECG POD, 6ft/18.m.
274-7001-001*   10 Lead Patient Cable Set (Grabber) for Multi-Lead ECG POD, 29in/74cm.
  10 Lead Patient Cable Set (Banana) for Multi-Lead ECG POD, 29in/74cm.
274-7003-001   (10 PK) 10 Lead Shorting Pins for Multi-Lead ECG POD
274-7004-001   Subdermal Needle Electrodes 27 GA, 6MM, 6ft/1.8m, Sterile (quantity 25)
J03557-20   Serial Link Cable, 20Ft., for 7700 Pod to DCOM
* Included with purchase of Multi-Lead ECG POD (13-7770-ECG12)
Specifications are current at publication. Due to DSI’s continuing product improvement program, specifications may change without notice.



Digital Communication Module