FinePointe Respiratory and Inhalation Software

Powerful and easy-to-use platform for collecting, analyzing, and reporting life science data 

FinePointe Inhalation Software

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Accurate, Consistent Data for Impactful Results

Buxco FinePointe software is powerful and easy-to-use for collecting, analyzing, and reporting life science data.

Built with the latest Microsoft technologies, FinePointe software runs on modern Windows operating systems, stores its data using Microsoft SQL Server®, and can operate on a single computer or, if enabled, across a network.

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FinePointe v2.9.0

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Core Software Features

Streamlining the Reporting Process

The most important part of any study is the data you are able to report out at the end. That’s why in FinePointe software, studies begin and end with the report.

  • Report setup, maintenance, and definition is a breeze with wizards to guide you through the process.
  • Reported parameters, subject grouping, report calculations, and measurement periods can be adjusted at any time.
  • With a single click, you can export your report to applications including Microsoft Excel®, GraphPad Prism®, and SPSS®.

Optional GLP Features

FinePointe software comes with a number of Good Lab Practices (GLP) features that you can use to collect and maintain data in a manner that abides by the stringent requirements of 21 CFR Parts 11 and 58. GLP features include:

  • Enforcement of GLP-required information
  • Audit trails
  • Electronic signatures
  • Specialized reports providing evidence of data integrity
  • Network security features 

Data Acquisition with FinePointe Station

FinePointe Station introduced an unprecedented integration of data reporting and data acquisition. It provides all the typical data acquisition features you come to expect, including live scrolling signals, live analyzed results, and manual event marking. Features you will find in FinePointe Station not available in any other system include:
  • Prompts you to load your next challenge dose

  • Shows you where measurements are marked for reporting

  • Predefined view arrangements

  • Control data acquisition from the FinePointe site hardware

  • Others on the network with proper security access can view the live data acquisition simultaneously

  • Analytical tick marks are saved.

  • Automatic annotations obviate the need to place manual event marks

  • Review data as it is acquired

  • When your experiment is complete, you can adjust the interval of data that will be stored in the database

  • See Flow-Volume, Pressure-Volume, or Flow-Flow loops

Multiple Research Applications with One Platform
From initial exposure to assessment of pulmonary function, FinePointe offers modules to serve your research goals today and as they evolve over time.

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Whole Body Plethysmography (WBP)
The WBP site type enables acquisition and analysis of indirect respiratory parameters collected using whole body plethysmography chambers in which the animals are conscious and unrestrained.
Learn more about WBP solutions

Inhalation Exposure
FinePointe inhalation modules enables delivery of substances including viruses, drug compounds, tobacco/e-cigarette smoke, and more. It also includes more advanced features such as delivery of a precise user-defined dose. Respiratory parameters can be monitored during and after exposure for a holistic approach.
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Non-Invasive Airway Mechanics (NAM)
NAM offers the ability to measure and analyze ventilatory and bronchoconstriction parameters in conscious small animals using restrained double chamber plethysmography.
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Resistance and Compliance (RC)
The FinePointe RC system provides the hardware and software necessary to collect and analyze invasive resistance, dynamic compliance, and elastance data in anesthetized animals. 
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Forced Maneuvers (PFT)
The FinePointe PFT system provides the most comprehensive assessment of the lung, similar to spirometry in humans. Subjects are anesthetized and may breathe spontaneously or with a ventilator. The tests enabled with this system include 
Boyle’s Law FRC, Fast Flow Volume, Quasistatic Pressure Volume, Buxco Resistance and Compliance analysis.
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