Implantable Telemetry

DSI PhysioTel® Implantable Telemetry is designed for monitoring and collecting data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals. These advanced implants are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate species and cage size requirements. The implantable transmitter senses, processes and transmits information via telemetry from within an animal of any size — mouse, small animal or large animal. The transmitter is only one component of the complete DSI System which includes software, acquisition hardware, calibration hardware, surgical and validation assistance.

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DSI offers a variety of transmitters to improve data quality and simplify studies depending on the parameters required for each study.  Researchers and scientists can measure arterial pressure, venous pressure, left ventricular pressure, intra-ocular pressure, bladder pressure, kidney pressure, ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG, glucose, temperature, activity, as well as other parameters.  

DSI boasts over 1000 publications verifying the performance of the transmitters in vivo in many different animal models.  This is because quality is built into all DSI products through our rigorous manufacturing and development process. Every DSI transmitter is 100% inspected, tested and sterilized prior to shipment. DSI transmitters are provided to the researcher calibrated and in sterile packaging ready for immediate use. See our unmatched Product Warranty for details.   

To gain a better understanding of the various DSI transmitters available, please visit the DSI PhysioTel® Transmitter Features Summary or contact one of DSI’s sales staff.