DSI Inhalation & Exposure Systems

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E-cig and Vaping

DSI offers turn-key preclinical and analytical systems to generate, expose, monitor and report e-cig and vape studies. Learn why our solution has quickly become the preferred choice.


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Inhalation Tower

The DSI Buxco inhalation exposure system is easy to use for researchers who are new to inhalation exposure studies, while providing the performance and flexibility required by the experts. Learn more.

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Single Subject Exposure

DSI’s economical, yet reliable Buxco Single Site Exposure Station is a single port nose-only exposure device.
Single Subject Exposure Station , single subject exposure, inhalation chamber, single subject inhalation

Mass Dosing Chambers

DSI’s Buxco Mass Dosing Chambers are ideal when exposing multiple subjects to an aerosol or gas where general dosing can be tolerated.
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Smoke Generator

DSI’s Buxco Smoke Generator is simple to use, yet fully automated. No on-site operator is required. 

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