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In Vivo Research Approaches in the Study of Neurological Disease and Psychiatric Disorders

Neurological disease and psychiatric disorders are some of the most heavily funded research areas today. Although tremendous strides have been made, the study of the brain and spinal cord leaves many questions unanswered. Learn about the most commonly researched neurological disease and psychiatric disorders as well as in vivo approaches to measure endpoints of interest.

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Research Models of Traumatic Brain Injury

Historically, animal models of traumatic brain injury (TBI) have had limited success in translation to clinical applications.  Recommendations for improving translation include monitoring biomarkers for longer periods, of time after injury, employing more than one injury model, and using clinically meaningful large animal models prior to starting any human clinical trials.  Learn about the most common TBI animal models and how DSI solutions can be used to study them.

Research Models of Spinal Cord Injury

Every year, between 250,000 and 500,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI) around the world. Physiologic changes to multiple organ systems and complex secondary injury can be studied using in vivo models. This white paper provides an overview of commonly referenced spinal cord injury models in pre-clinical research and examples of their use.


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Neuroscience Products Available from DSI

DSI Implants are designed for acquiring data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals  - providing stress free data when longer data collection periods are required. When studies demand higher channel count or bandwidth for EEG, or when data collection periods are acute/anesthetized, tethered solutions are available.

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Respiratory Monitoring 

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Unleash Your Neuroscience Research with Programmable and Implantable Infusion

The iPRECIO minipump is the only infusion product on the market for targeted drug delivery that is programmable, implantable and refillable. Available in sizes suitable for mice and rats. 

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