CNS Data Analysis Software

Power to Process More Data in Less Time.

NeuroScore™ is DSI’s Central Nervous System (CNS) analysis software used to analyze neurophysiology data collected in Dataquest A.R.T., Ponemah, EDF/EDF+ and other file formats. NeuroScore increases CNS analysis throughput by delivering summarized results with unsurpassed speed. Designed to efficiently analyze large, continuous data sets common to sleep and seizure studies, this modular platform provides the power and consistency required for CNS research applications. NeuroScore is a versatile, streamlined solution that combines easy-to-use tools, efficient data processing, and accurate data analysis to reduce time to results.

Program Overview

NeuroScore’s modular design allows it to be tailored to a specific research application. The core software is the foundation of the analysis platform and contains the majority of the program features and functions. Choose from the optional modules to enhance the core software.

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Core Software
The core software can be used independently or with any combination of the optional modules. Key components of the core software include:
  • Sophisticated graphical displays: Effortless viewing and browsing of various time ranges and segmenting of data into intervals. Search for specific times or events within the entire recording.
  • Derived signals: Easily apply frequency analysis tools, statistics, and filters to the signals and display the results graphically or numerically.
  • Manual scoring: Efficiently identify and mark user-defined events or sleep stages.
  • Signal & Marker Grids: Display data and derived signals numerically with a high level of power and flexibility. Grids can be exported to Excel or other formats for further processing.
  • Reports: Summarize results quickly and consistently using pre-defined or custom report templates.
  • Amplitude and EMG activity detectors: Accurately execute an automated protocol that identifies regions of data meeting user-defined thresholds. Use the amplitude detector with any data type.
Neuroscore, Sleep Scoring, Rodent Sleep Scoring

Optional Modules

Batch Processing Module 
This module increases data throughput by automating analysis processes on multiple recording at once. Build and execute custom workflows for ultimate versatility to:
  • Automatically Score multiple recordings
  • Export signal or parameter data
  • Generate and export reports
  • Perform all three within a single workflow

Once complete, the recording can be opened to view and augment automated scorings performed during the Batch workflow.

Neuroscore, scoring
Automated Rodent Sleep Scoring
This module automatically assigns a vigilance stage to each epoch based on EEG, EMG, and activity data. Stages scored include Paradoxical Sleep, Slow Wave Sleep (with option to distinguish between SWS-1 and SWS-2), Wake, and Active Wake. The frequency content of the EEG and presence of muscle activity and movement are used as the basis of the scoring criteria. Automated scoring takes a few minutes or less for each 24 hour data set, and can dramatically reduce analysis time and variability in comparison to manual scoring. 
Neuroscore, Sleep Scoring, Rodent Sleep Scoring
Automated Large Animal Sleep Scoring
This module automatically assigns a vigilance stage to each epoch within a large animal dataset. The algorithm is based upon the American Academy of Sleep Medicine standards for human sleep scoring and relies on EEG, EMG, EOG, and activity data from each subject. Stages assigned include REM, Non-REM (N1, N2, N3), Wake, and Active Wake. Automated scoring takes a few minutes or less for each 24 hour data set, and can dramatically reduce analysis time and variability in comparison to manual scoring.

Seizure Detection
The spike train detector is designed primarily for seizure detection from EEG waveforms. The detector scans the waveform for repeating spike activity using amplitude-based criteria. Events are visually displayed within the waveform allowing for manual editing and confirmation. Several parameters including the spike train duration and number of spikes can be displayed per event or summarized over longer time intervals.
Neuroscore, Seizure

Video Synchronization
This module imports video data acquired with either Dataquest A.R.T. or Ponemah and synchronizes it with the physiologic waveforms, allowing playback in real-time or fast speed. View the subjects’ behavior to validate or further classify detected events or scored vigilance stages. Incorporating video data can improve the confidence level of your results. 
Neuroscore, video monitoring

Evaluate the program using your own data sets

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