NeuroScore™ CNS Software

Streamline CNS data analysis to reduce time to results.

Fast, consistent data analysis and reporting for chronic data sets common to sleep and seizure studies.


Process More Data in Less Time

NeuroScore’s core software is the foundation of the analysis platform and contains the majority of the program features and functions:

Easy Data Loading

Analyze data collected in Ponemah, EDF/EDF+ and other file formats. Increase efficiencies by automatically monitoring data folders for seamless loading of new recordings. 

Sophisticated Analysis and Visualization Tools

Stepping out of the time domain and into the frequency domain requires a shift in thinking. NeuroScore offers a versatile, streamlined solution to simplify this transition, combining easy-to-use frequency analysis, statistics, and filtering tools with efficient data processing and accurate data analysis to reduce time to results. Effortlessly view, browse, and synchronize signal and derived data using graphic and numeric displays.

Flexible Scoring and Summarization

With large data sets, a flexible, efficient solution is a necessity. Configure the NeuroScore workspace with the signals and derived signals most helpful for your sleep or seizure assessment, then use manual scoring hotkeys to rapidly mark your data. Automated Amplitude and EMG activity detectors may be executed to accurately identify data regions which meet user-defined criteria. Then, summarize your results quickly and consistently using pre-defined or custom report templates. For maximum flexibility, derived data may be exported to Excel ® and other file formats to further process data.




NeuroScore Software Modules

Sleep Scoring

Dramatically reduce analysis time and variability using the Rodent and Large Animal Sleep Scoring modules.

Automated Rodent Sleep Scoring

  • Scoring based on the frequency content of the EEG and presence of EMG activity and movement.
  • Stages include: Paradoxical Sleep, Slow Wave Sleep (SWS-1 and SWS-2), Wake, and Active Wake.

Automated Large Animal Sleep Scoring

  • Based on the American Academy of Sleep Medicine standards for human sleep scoring, this algorithm uses EEG, EMG, EOG, and activity data.*
  • Stages include REM, Non-REM (N1, N2, N3), Wake, and Active Wake.


Seizure Detection

The Spike Train detector scans the waveform for repeating EEG spike activity using user-defined amplitude-based criteria. Report parameters per event or summarized over longer time intervals.

Parameters include:

  • Spike train duration
  • Number of spikes per train
  • Average spike amplitude
  • Spike train frequency band power

Video Synchronization

Improve confidence in results by synchronizing video data acquired with Ponemah to validate or further classify detected events.

Batch Processing

Increase throughput by automating analysis processes on multiple recordings at once. Customize workflows for ultimate versatility to:  
  • Score multiple recordings
  • Export signal or parameter data
  • Generate and export reports
  • Complete all three within a single workflow

Once complete, the recording can be opened to view and augment automated scorings performed during the Batch workflow.