Digital Communication Module (DCOM)

The Digital Communication Module (DCOM) provides a communication link between external pods and the 7700 series chassis.  This allows external pods to be placed next to the preparation for ease in manipulating lead placement, while permitting the chassis to remain on the lab bench or rack.  This is achieved by using an extended cable to link the external pod to the DCOM module. The DCOM Module  provides an ECG sync pulse using standard TTL logic when used with the Multi-Lead ECG POD.

This requires the use of an external pod for signal input. 


  •  Digital communication link for 7700 series pods
  •  Provides bidirectional communication to an external pod


Communication   Digital communication to external pod.
    BNC connector used as a TTL output.
Compatibility   Requires Ponemah v4.8 or greater.



Part Number                         Description
13-7715-70*   Digital Communication Module (DCOM)
*Requires external pod for signal input.
J03557-20   Serial Link Cable; DCOM to 7700 Pod (20 FT.)
13-7770-BIO12   12 Channel Isolated Bio-potential Pod
13-7770-ECG12   Multi-Lead ECG Pod

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