FinePointe for Whole Body Plethysmography

Mouse 4 site WBP 017

WBP is an acronym for Whole Body Plethysmography.  WBP is a way to measure respiratory function in animals (or people) without the use of anesthesia or restraint.  The system relies on a specially designed chamber in which the subject is placed.  A sensitive pressure transducer is connected to measure pressure changes inside the chamber.  Since the chamber is fitted with screen pneumotachs which allow air to pass outside the chamber, the small pressure changes in the chamber are related to flow.  And so, the chamber is a plethysmograph.  From these small flows signals, utilizing special algorithms Buxco FinePointe software derives ventilatory and bronchio constriction parameters.

Key Features:

  • Species:  Mouse, Mouse Pup, Rat, GP and other species up to 1kg.
    For larger animals refer to Large Animal WBP data sheet

  • Up to 16 animals configures in 2 or 4 site controllers.

  • Integrated, automated, software regulated bias flow

  • Pre-calibrated digital Temperature and Humidity

  • Integrated nebulizer controller

  • Integrated gas automation

  • Detachable control console for equipment setup flexibility (4-Site only)

  • Automated calibration for up to 4 chambers with a single click

  • Automated system microprocessor diagnostics during calibration process

  • Combination Studies - integrate fluid swivels or electrical commutators 

Key Benefits

  • Auto diagnostics – microprocessor controlled system check ensures accurate data

  • Smart Integration – bidirectional communication ensures scientific reproducibility

  • Auto Calibration – reduces user error and provides consistent, fast calibration

  • Halcyon – Chambers incorporate patented noise suppression patented design

  • Nebulizer calibration – overcomes variability in nebulizer efficiency rates

  • Automated flow rate reduction during exposure

  • Low BIAS flow noise –minimize signal to noise ratio, critical in WBP

  • Finepointe Software –integrated study design and subsequent automated reporting

  • Gas Automation – Up to 4 different gasses can be switched by software, and integrated through controller into chambers

WBP Derived Parameters

  • View List of WBP Derived Parameters

Apnea-Specific Derived Parameters

  • View List of Apnea Derived Parameters

Applications & References

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A variety of accessories are available for DSI's line of whole body plethysmography products. The most commonly requested accessories include the following:

  • Mouse Halcyon WBP maintenance kit

  • Rat Halcyon WBP maintenance kit

  • Guinea Pig Halcyon WBP maintenance kit

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