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Millions anxiously await a cure for diabetes as the search continues

Diabetes affects an estimated 422 million people worldwide. Researchers use preclinical models to better understand factors that play a role in the development of disease and in the search for more effective treatment and preventative options.
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Drug efficacy

Further understanding of drug abuse disorders essential in light of drug-related illness and overdose increases

Drug use is a hot topic these days as the opioid crisis rages on and the government looks to ban flavored e-liquids for vaping.
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air pollution, outdoor air pollution, industrial pollution

Research to understand air pollution’s effect on public health ongoing

Air pollution is always a hot topic in the news and can be controversial, but what does the scientific research show?
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seizure, epilepsy

Significant side effects of anti-seizure medications highlights need for additional research

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases as it affects approximately 50 million people worldwide. See how researchers are working to better understand the causes of epilepsy and identify improved treatments.
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All about the data

Without good data, it’s impossible to make confident conclusions, and the quality of study data could be the difference between discovering a lifesaving therapy and inconclusive results. Everything we do at DSI is in service of helping you get the highest quality data possible because your research is everything.
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ptsd, stress, depression, post traumatic stress disorder

Variation in Trauma Response Complicates Search for Effective PTSD Treatment

PTSD affects millions of people around the world and, like many mental health disorders, is likely under-reported as people are often hesitant to seek treatment. See recent advances in PTSD research.
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