Jacketed External Telemetry (JET)

How does JET work?

  • Bluetooth®-enabled telemetry device
  • Single system designed for maximum portability
  • Simple. No need for technical assistance to maintain group housing capabilities
  • Reliable. No possibility of cross-talk 
  • Reusable. JET lead sets attach to standard snap electrodes. Damaged leads may be easily replaced

Why choose JET?

  • Provide continuous, high quality data for short or long durations 
  • Freely moving, unstressed animals 
  • Accommodates ECG collection in single, pair, or group-house settings for up to 36 animals in the same room 
  • Obtain functional endpoints in CV repeat-dose studies 

Designed for your facility.
  • Leads the industry in most animals monitored per computer
  • Compatible with the DSI suite of GLP software solutions 
  • Flexible and adaptable to optimize your study design 
  • Collects ECG, Blood Pressure, Respiration, Temperature and Activity