DSI External Telemetry

Harness the power of continuous, real-time data, without the need for surgery

From data collection to analysis and summarization, your complete solution for physiology research in conscious, freely moving animals.


Jacketed External Telemetry (JET)

Large Animal External Telemetry

- Ideal for canines and NHP
- Capable of measuring cardiovascular and respiratory endpoints, plus temperature and activity
- Surgery is not required
- High quality data you can trust

Rodent External Telemetry (CA-EXT)

Small Animal External Telemetry

- Ideal for rats and similar sized animals
- Capable of measuring cardiovascular and endpoints, plus activity
- Surgery is not required
- Complimentary to longitudinal study designs where group size is large


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    Ponemah® Software

    Confidently collect, accurately analyze, and quickly summarize your telemetry data.

    Your data is one of the most important assets and its management will have a huge impact on your success. Be certain of your data integrity using Ponemah software as your data engine.

    • Data acquisition designed for optimal performance when simultaneously monitoring many subjects and signal types, from hours to weeks
    • Data analysis using validated algorithms trusted by researchers to reliably obtain accurate, consistent results
    • Summarize and present your results based on the unique requirements of your study

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