Validyne Low Range Differential Pressure Transducers

The Validyne DP45 and DP250 are designed for exceedingly low differential pressure measurements. With full scale ranges down to ±1.40 CMH2O, the sensors are ideal for the measurement of very low flow rates of air and gases for pulmonary applications. Both are designed to provide high quality measurements. The DP45 and DP250 are available in a variety of pressure ranges to easily accommodate your research requirements.

For most pneumotachographs and respiratory chambers a ±2.25 CMH2O range is recommended.  For tracheal or pleural pressure a ±22.5 CMH2O pressure range is recommend.

  •  Small Sensor Displacement Volume
  •  Replaceable Diaphragm
  •  Full Scale Differential Pressure Ranges as Low as ±1.40 CMH2O
  •  DP250 is a Low Cost Alternative to the Validyne Model DP45
  •  Designed to work with the Ponemah Carrier Signal Conditioner




Standard Ranges:   ±0.05 to ±100 In H2O FS
Accuracy:                         ±0.5% Full Scale
Hysteresis:   0.25% pressure excursion
Overpressure:   ±200% Full Scale with less than 0.5%
    Full Scale Zero Shift
Overpressure Limit:   to 2X FS
Line Pressure:   100 In H2O, less than 1% Zero Shift
Inductance:   20mH nominal, each coil
Zero Balance:   = ±5mV/V at rated excitation
Rated:   5 Vrms at 5kHz
Sensitivity:   20mV/V for Full Scale, nominal
Pressure Media:   Gases compatible with 410ss, Inconel
Operating:   -65 to 250°F
Specified   0 to 160°F
Thermal Zero Shift:   2%FS/100°F typical
Thermal Sensitivity Shift:   5%/100°F typical
Pressure Cavity Volume:   3X10 -3 cubic inch
Volumetric Displacement:   3.X10 -4 cubic inch
Pressure Connection:   Hose barb for 3/16” ID tubing
Electrical Connection:    
Connection to Carrier Signal Conditioner   Lemo – 7 pin
Size: (Approximately)    
Diameter   2.25 Inches
Thickness   1.00 Inches
Weight:   DP45—12 ounces, typical
    DP250—8 ounces, typical



Part Number   Description
600-1100-002                         Validyne DP-45, +/- 2.25CMH2O
600-1101-002   Validyne DP-45, +/- 22.5CMH2O
600-1102-002   Validyne DP-250, +/- 2.25CMH2O
600-1103-002   Validyne DP-250, +/- 22.5CMH2O
Accessory   Description
13-7715-35   Carrier Signal Conditioner for use with Validyne

Specifications are current at publication.
Due to DSI’s continuing product improvement program, specifications may change without notice.