DSI Data Services

We are committed to providing high quality useable reports that summarize your experimental data. The reduction in time spent on data analysis and reporting processes will provide you with more time to evaluate the experimental results and plan your next logical experiment. 

DSI Data Services offers the following exclusive benefits:

Extensive capabilities. The data team includes physiologists, neurobiologists and biomedical engineers with extensive experience in animal models, drug development, data analysis and interpretation of physiologic experimental results.

Simplified process. DSI provides the resources and expertise required to manage large amounts of data, which can be challenging and time consuming. Our process turns raw data into usable reports, on time and on budget.

Consistent evaluation. DSI understands the necessity of analyzing data sets consistently each time and providing strong and consistent records regarding data collection methodologies.

Data integrity. DSI ensures data are accurately analyzed, evaluated and reported following quality procedures, for non-GLP and GLP studies (including OECD). We take great pride in preserving the anonymity of the data with secure data measures that include the ability to quickly place a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), blinding data sets and adhering to the client’s security requirements.

High-quality, customized reports. DSI delivers high-quality, customized, comprehensive reports for evaluation of: hemodynamics, heart rate variability, ECG interval quantification, arrhythmia detection, seizure detection, sleep scoring, blood pressure, respiration, apnea breath scoring, temperature and activity that change from study to study and subject to subject. 

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Data Services FAQs

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Terms and Conditions for Data Services are available here.

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