Faster scientific and toxicology conclusions with high-throughput, minimally invasive telemetry

Jacketed External Telemetry (JET) for ECG, blood pressure, and respiratory monitoring in large animals



Why choose JET?

  • Collect continuous, high quality data without the need for surgery
  • Maximize data per subject: ECG, Blood PressureRespiration, temperature and activity
  • Enhance welfare with freely moving, unstressed subjects  
  • Flexible sampling from socially housed subjects; up to 36 animals in the same room 
  • Obtain functional toxicology endpoints in CV repeat-dose studies 

How does JETTM work?

  • Many devices to one receiver
  • Simple. No need for technical assistance to maintain group housing capabilities
  • Reliable. No possibility of cross-talk 
  • Reusable. JET lead sets attach to standard snap electrodes. Damaged leads may be easily replaced
  • Compatible with the DSI suite of GLP software solutions  


JET Layout

JET device and receiver








Species Device  ECG Vectors ECG Vectors

with Respiratory Impedance Plethysmography

Blood Pressure Add-on   Temperature Activity Battery 
 Large Animals
 JET-EA-BP  1  NA  Yes  No  Yes  Rechargeable 27 hour life
 JET-3ETA-BP  7  1  Yes  Yes  Yes
 JET-5ETA-BP  9  7  Yes  Yes  Yes