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 Mesh MEA

Organoid Meets Microelectrode Array (MEA) - Accelerating Drug Discovery and Development

The main challenge in the brain organoid field is to monitor neural network formation within development and manipulate the synaptic plasticity of mature brain organoids. Indeed, this challenge hinders neuroscientists from achieving all aspects of human brain-on-chip. In this webinar, Sara Mirsadeghi, MSc will talk about how growing brain organoids around the electrodes, using Mesh MEA, brings neuroscientists closer to the brain-on-chip inherence. Dr. Sven Schönecker will also discuss the latest in 3D Mesh MEA’s, its ability for a more true-to-life system for studying organoids, and the versatility of the well-established MEA2100 system from Multi Channel Systems (MCS), an affiliate of Harvard Bioscience (HB).

Sven Schönecker, PhD, Multi Channel Systems
Sara Mirsadeghi, MSc, University of Texas at San Antonio

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Wireless Physiologic Monitoring in Laboratory Animals

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Implantable Telemetry

Stress-free, reliable physiologic data collection
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External Telemetry

Convenient non-invasive physiologic data collection
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Buxco Preclinical Respiratory and Inhalation Solutions

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Respiratory Solutions

Basic to elaborate pulmonary systems, all from a single software platform
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Inhalation/Exposure Systems

Ensuring exposure of compounds to the lungs of rodents is consistent
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Automated evaluation of behavior in small laboratory animals

Video Tracking

Behavior Solutions

Wide range of standard solutions for behavioral neuroscience in rodents.

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VivaMARS Solutions

High throughput GLP-compliant mobile activity rack system for rodents. Increase the efficiency of your activity studies!.

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