DSI PhysioTel Digital and PhysioTel Implants for Large Animals

Use DSI telemetry to study physiological parameters in large animals, such as dogs, primates, swine, sheep, horses, and cattle among others. DSI offers several different implant combinations to measure different parameters including pressure, biopotentials, temperature and activity. Pressures include: arterial, ocular, uterine, penile, bladder, pleural and left ventricular. Other parameter data such as heart rate, systolic, diastolic and mean pressure can also be collected.  Biopotentials include ECG, EEG, and EMG as well as temperature and activity. 

Designed with social housing in mind, DSI PhysioTel Digital large animal telemetry provides continuous and clean data collection to advance your research. Combine with Ponemah software to acquire and analyze PhysioTel Digital data with complete traceability.

Featured! PhysioTel Digital is comprised of two series of implants:

  • L series– Designed for chronic physiologic monitoring research, the L series is available in two configurations offering various combinations of physiologic parameters available. L series implants are often used in Safety Pharmacology studies to address core battery requirements in cardiovascular (CV) and respiratory applications.  Core CV measurements include systemic pressure and ECG and includes LV pressure as a secondary measurement.  For respiratory studies the second pressure channel is used to monitor intra-pleural pressure to provide a measure of respiration rate. 

  • M series – One-time use implants that are ideal for shorter duration studies. The smaller size of M series allows the PhysioTel Digital technology to be expanded in to a broader range and size of species. Primary applications for M series are toxicology and biological defense studies.

Can’t find the implant that you need? Other combinations of physiologic parameters are available from DSI’s original PhysioTel series of large animal telemetry implants. View all DSI implant specifications here

Virtually eliminate muscle noise and movement artifact from large animal ECG signals with PhysioTel Digital and the Solid Tip Lead.

PhysioTel Digital implants are only approved for sale in North America, Europe, and Japan. Product specifications from DSI’s original PhysioTel series implants can be found here.