DSI Software

Confidently collect, accurately analyze, and quickly summarize your preclinical physiologic data.


Ponemah® Software

Optimal performance and flexibility, wherever your research takes you.

Your data is one of the most important assets and its management will have a huge impact on your success. Be certain of your data integrity using Ponemah software as your data engine.

  • Data acquisition from many subjects and signal types simultaneously, from hours to weeks. Ponemah supports all DSI acquisition hardware: Implantable telemetry, Jacketed External Telemetry (JET), Buxco Respiratory Plethysmographs, and analog transducers and senors via ACQ-7700.
  • Data analysis using validated algorithms trusted by researchers to reliably obtain accurate, consistent results
  • Summarize and present your results based on the unique requirements of your study

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NeuroScore Software

Streamline CNS data analysis to reduce time to results.

Stop scoring sleep stages and seizure events manually. Dramatically reduce analysis time and variability using NeuroScore’s frequency analysis tools and automated analysis modules.

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FinePointe Respiratory Software

Breathe easy using modern respiratory acquisition, analysis, and reporting technology.

Manually calibrating respiratory apparatus, tracking measurements, and building reports are ancient history. Utilize FinePointe's smart design to streamline your studies through procedure automation and guided study execution. Save time by minimizing system interactions so you can focus on what really matters, your research.

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