signal conditioners and amplifiers

Signal Conditioners and Amplifiers

Better Signals Means Better Data.

DSI 7700 digital signal conditioners and accessories accelerate your research by delivering better resolution of data using the latest Digital Signal Processors. Our amplifiers filter the data eliminating
inaccuracies and signal offsets, preventing issues that often arise from analog components.

By using the 7700 Platform with Ponemah Analysis Software you achieve stable, accurate and robust data analysis routinely performed in physiology, pharmacology and toxicology laboratories.

DSI 7700 State-of-the-Art Digital Technology offers: 
  • Easy Graphical User Interface (GUI) setup 
  • 16 bit resolution 
  • Less noise, less drift, better stability 
  • Universal input for multiple physiological signals 
  • Low cost per channel 
  • Compact design with flexible application-specific signal conditioner modules available (2, 6, and 13 slot chassis available) 
  • Synchronization of your hardwired data directly with DSI implantable telemetry data 
  • CFR21 Part 11 compliance—all data and changes saved in a configuration file and audit log 
  • The portable, rugged chassis is perfect for interfacing to a laptop, allowing for system mobility
Learn more here about the available signal conditioners from DSI.

PowerLab from ADInstruments
DSI also offers PowerLab hardware from ADI. PowerLab is a USB data acquisition device for use with LabChart software. Learn more here.