Pre-Implanted Animal Services

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Save time, money, and stress with our comprehensive program offering advanced technology systems, on-staff veterinarians, and experienced surgeons to deliver healthy animals and reliable physiological signals, implanted with DSI telemetry devices, ready for your research.

Benefits of DSI Pre-Implanted Animals

Predictable Experiment Execution Performed 1000’s of times, our methods provide time tested and practiced surgical methods provide confidence that your subjects will maintain quality signals until study end and possibly beyond. Improved Animal Welfare  No animal overages are typically required to meet study needs, other than a potential need for animal overages to support training for studies that required exceptionally challenging surgical techniques. Time tested surgical technique and robust pre and post operative procedures, focused on increased animal comfort and recovery, are used. 
Reduced Operational Costs Decrease the cost required for a full surgical suite, extra devices, animal overages, time required, and facility costs. The cost of a DSI PIA can be more than 50% less, when all costs are taken into account.  High Surgical Quality With dozens of possible procedures for collection of physiologic data, we have surgeons with decades of experience available to implant multiple species using various procedures and tested surgical methods, including placement of catheters, to ensure longevity, accuracy, and quality of the signal. 
Operational Flexibility Free up time for staff in your lab, enabling a focus on the science and not on developing surgical skills that require consistent maintenance. Accept and close more studies, quicker. High Data Quality Collect high quality signals (due to proper implant placement and the methods required to keep catheters in place). Signals are verified prior to shipping. Decrease the time spent analyzing data
Reduced Compound and Experimental Waste Minimize compound waste due to loss of subjects caused by poor surgical outcomes/techniques. Decrease risk by assuring the best quality signals and placement. Fully healed subjects are shipped to your facility, ready for study. Perform the study correctly the first time. Ability to Expand Your Research Portfolio Eliminate the need to train your staff on novel surgical procedures and improve time to delivery or publication. Take on more models and derived parameters (without a lengthy training, additional animals and implants, and surgical methods evaluation). Expand your research and study offerings without limits.

Comparison of Surgical Options for a Single Procedure


DSI Pre-Implanted Animals

DSI Surgery as a Service

Self Implant with DSI Surgical Training

Self Implant without DSI Surgical Training

Self Implant with Competitor's Implants

Potential Animal Overages Required  None  Low  Medium High (Up to 2x Study Size) High (Up to 2x Study Size)
Estimated Work Days Spent Gaining and Maintaining Surgical Skills  0  0  Low Medium  High
Cost of optimizing surgical technique for animal welfare and quality of data
 0 Low Medium High 
Ease of Evolving Research into New Animal Models and Endpoint Measurements  High High  Medium Low Low
Staffing Resources Required Low Low  Medium  High High
Operational Costs Required Low Low Medium High

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