VivaMARS Mobile Activity Rack System

A new activity solution specially designed to address all the needs of high efficiency in CROs for neurotoxicology and neuropharmacology studies.


VivaMARS, a new mobile activity rack solution designed to increase the efficiency of your activity studies.

Mobile Activity Rack System

  • Mobile activity rack system for activity studies in small laboratory animals. The system includes software, interface hardware, photobeam sensors placed into mobile rack units with individual capacity for 10 animals per rack, and wheels for transport as needed across the facility.

High Throughput

  • With the high throughput capacity of the VivaMARS mobile activity rack system (up to 30 subjects by session), increase your experimental capacity and complete more studies in less time!


  • Modular, portable system design for both mice and rats. Easily adapt the configuration of your laboratory to your current experimental needs.

Time-saving operations

  • No extra cleaning or time for a home cage switch is needed. Infrared sensor levels are adjusted seamlessly by our software, taking less than a minute per study.

Data Accuracy

  • Two-dimensional (x,y) activity measurement and precise IR sensor spacing for optimal resolution and reliability. Smaller infrared beam spacing creates higher data accuracy ensuring minor movements are captured within your data and no therapeutic effects or adverse events will be missed.

Collect the data you need 

  • Locomotor activity
  • Fine movements
  • Rearing/Jumping
  • Tracking (distance travelled, speed)
  • Data calculated per user-defined interval of time


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Ponemah® Software

Confidently collect, accurately analyze, and quickly summarize your activity data.

Your data is one of the most important assets and its management will have a direct impact on your success. Be certain of your data integrity using Ponemah software as your data engine. 

Be confident in your operational level of GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance using Ponemah’s Study Protocol and Data Security features. 

Maximize your compliance with:

  • Secure login
  • Electronic Records and Signatures
  • Controlled User Access
  • Complete Confidence in Your Data.


Support When it Counts Most

Depending on the company, support offerings are limited and most do not offer any validation services, which are lengthy and overwhelming. The VivaMARS system comes with the whole suite of DSI service offerings including validation services and software enhancement agreements. Whether it is your first study, or you have been working with us for years, our team provides the quality service and support you need. 

  • Onsite system installation for a hassle-free study.
  • Local Account Executives for help when you need it.
  • Technical support to minimize downtime.
  • Validation assistance to get you up and running quickly.
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Rack dimensions (ext.)

130 (w) x 80 (d) x 190 (h) cm; 51 (w) x 32 (d) x 75 (h) in.

Rack Material

Highly resistant anodized aluminum extrusion structure

Phenolic resin panels, resistant to harsh chemicals, temperature and humidity changes.

Sensor Box dimensions

(int.) 40 x 62 cm; 15.8 x 24.4 in.

Data resolution

1.3 cm (0.5 in.) spaced InfraRed beams

Plastic cage material/dimensions

Polycarbonate, 38 (w) x 60 (d) x 20 (h) cm; 15 (w) x 23.6 (d) x 7.9 (h) in.

Plastic cage and lid compatibility

UNO Life Science EUROSTANDARD TYPE IV plastic cage, Tecniplast 1354G EUROSTANDARD TYPE IV plastic cage, Tecniplast 1354G025 Stainless steel flat wire bar lid for cage model 1354G.

Number of racks per computer station

3 racks, up to 30 subjects