12 Channel Isolated Bio-potential Pod (BIO12 Pod)

The BIO12 Pod can be used to satisfy a wide variety of applications where bio-potentials are collected. 
This includes, but is not limited to:

  • EEG, EMG for sleep and seizure
  • ECG for open-chested models
  • Electrogram for Langendorff and isolated heart preparations  
An adapter cable (20 feet in length) is used to connect the BIO12 Pod to the Digital Communication Module (DCOM) in the chassis which allows the pod to be next to the preparation.  This extended cable allows the BIO12 pod to be easily accessible when changes to the position or number of leads is needed.  This also allows the lead wires that connect the BIO12 Pod to the preparation to be shorter in length which helps reduce noise by minimizing interference from other sources in the laboratory.

User definable gain ranges for specific signal types, calibration information stored in the configuration file and industry standard connections make this unit versatile and easy to implement.  


 # Channels                            12 Differential pairs
 Resolution    16 Bits
 Maximum Rate    20kHz per channel
 Signal Input    
 Input Impedance    >10M Ω
 Input Range    40uV to 40mV Full Scale
 Maximum Input    ±30V DC, AC Peak 
 (Max without damage)    
 Programmable Filters    
 Low Pass    100, 300, and 1,000Hz
 High Pass    0.05Hz Fixed (hardware implemented)
 Accuracy Specifications    
 Gain Error, % of FS    <±0.5%
 Linearity, % of FS     <±0.5%
 Noise     < 20uV pk-pk
 Zero Drift, % of FS    0.01% of Full Scale per Degree C (typical)
 Crosstalk   <-60dB
 Common Mode    <-90dB



Part Number                          Description
12 Channel Isolated Bio-potential pod
13-7715-70*   Digital Communication Module (DCOM)
PNM-P3P-7002XS   ACQ7700-USB Acquisition Interface Unit (2-slot)
PNM-P3P-7002   ACQ7700-USB Acquisition Interface Unit (6-slot)
PNM-P3P-7002XE   ACQ7700-USB Acquisition Interface Unit (13-slot)
J03557-20   Serial Link Cable, 20Ft., 7700 BIO12 Pod to DCOM
P02407-0   Lead 36”; 1.5mm Plug to Unterminated, Black
P02407-2   Lead 36”; 1.5mm Plug to Unterminated, Red
P02407-5   Lead 36”; 1.5mm Plug to Unterminated, Green
P02409-0   Touch Proof Adapter; 1.5mm to 2.0mm, Black
P02409-2   Touch Proof Adapter; 1.5mm to 2.0mm, Red
P02409-5   Touch Proof Adapter; 1.5mm to 2.0mm, Green
 Specifications are current at publication.
 Due to DSI’s continuing product improvement program, specifications may change without notice.




Digital Communication Module