Buxco Inhalation Exposure System

Whether your study requires general or precise exposure, the Buxco FinePointe system helps you produce better results in less time.

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Target AIA in FinePointe 2.9

Nose-Only Inhalation Tower System

  • Develop reproducible results with precise, controlled lung deposition across all subjects with the Accumulated Inhaled Aerosol (AIA) parameter with the addition of plethysmography for collection of respiratory endpoints throughout exposure
  • NEW! With SmartStudy, automatically stop delivery of aerosol to single or multiple-dosage groups when they reach their targeted dose
  • Get the highest quality data with the Buxco system designed to eliminate rebreathing of CO2 and uniform to all open ports
  • Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze with the stainless steel, stackable design.
  • Save time by exposing up to 42 subjects simultaneously
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Mass Dosing

Buxco Mass Dosing Chambers are used to expose multiple subjects to an aerosol or gas when general dosing can be tolerated.  Benefits of the Buxco chambers include:

  • A perforated floor for for urine drainage
  • Removable lid (no seal, should be used inside a containment hood)
  • Two ports for aerosol or gas delivery
  • Four luer ports for bias flow or other use
  • Ability to hold approximately 15 mice, 6 rats or 2 guinea pigs.
    • The Large Mass Dosing Chamber can hold approximately 25 mice, 10 rats or 4 guinea pigs

Mass Dosing system

Single Subject

The Buxco system offers precise nose-only single subject exposure and general exposure through free roaming tubes.

  • Nose-only: a cost effective version of the inhalation tower, enabling uniform exposure one subject at a time. Single Site Exposure Stations are available for mice, rats, and Hartley guinea pigs.
  • Free-Roaming: single subject exposure for general dosing purposes.
Single Subject Exposure Station , single subject exposure, inhalation chamber, single subject inhalation
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Smoke Generation and Delivery

Turn-key options to deliver tobacco or vape smoke to subjects via traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or vape devices.

Smoke GeneratorLR


Multiple Applications and Derived Parameters With One System

Tower & Plethysmograph Derived Parameters

  • View the Tower Derived Parameters Table

  • View Plethysmograph Derived Parameters

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