Mouse RC

FinePointe Resistance and Compliance

DSI’s Buxco® FinePointe Series Resistance and Compliance (RC) sites provide the hardware necessary to collect invasive resistance, dynamic compliance, and elastance data in anesthetized animals. 

The subject is anesthetized and instrumented to directly measure the animal’s respiratory flow and lung pressure. From these direct measurements of the airflow and lung pressure, RI and Cdyn are computed. This system can be used with either tracheostomized or intubated animals. With intubation, you can perform longitudinal studies.


• Continuously measures lung resistance and dynamic compliance in anesthetized animals
• Automated calibration
• Heated bed
• In-line aerosol delivery and control
• Built-in FinePointe console enables control from the site
• Use with intubated animals for longitudinal studies
• Intelligent ventilator supports protocol-driven deep inflations, breath holds and PEEP
• Single USB connection to computer
• Live display and monitoring of the signals and derived data
• Multiple and simultaneous subjects 
• Optional heart rate or blood pressure monitoring
• Optional static compliance measurement available

Available for: Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs

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