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Putting the client first is inherent in DSI culture, and DSICare is simply our promise to you.  Whether it's your first study or you've been working with us for years, our team provides the support you need.


Quality service and support.  Period.



Review Options

You have options, and it's important to consider all possibilities when choosing a research solution.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience, our expert team will consult with you to design the best solution possible with the ability to expand as your research evolves.



DSICare, DSI, Data Sciences International





Purchase System

Once you're ready to place an order, know you are in good hands with our best-in-class client services team.

Flexible purchase options are available to ensure you get the tools necessary to be successful.



Install System
Once your system is received, we will make sure you get up and running quickly. Our Scientific Services team will assist in preparing your animals for the experiment while Technical Support guides you through the system setup process via phone, email, or virtual meetings. If you'd prefer a DSI team member set up the system for you, we'll make it happen.




Implant Devices
Proper implantation is critical for obtaining quality data when using telemetry.  If you need assistance, our team of expert surgeons is available to offer advice, procedure manuals, and videos.  If you would like to be trained by our staff, or simply have them perform your surgeries, it's all possible with DSI.




Conduct Experiment
We're here to help once you're ready to begin a study to ensure everything goes smoothly.  However, questions don't always arise during "normal" business hours.  Find the tips, tricks, and troubleshooting advice you need now with our DSI Support Center knowledge base.  Prefer to speak with someone?  Schedule time with our Technical Support team when it's convenient for you.



DSICare, DSI, Data Sciences International



Analyze & Report Data
Ever feel overwhelmed by the mountain of data produced by your experiments?  We get it.  Whether you're using Ponemah, FinePointe, or NeuroScore, we have experts to address your questions.  If you would prefer to outsource your data analysis and reporting, we can do that too.



Plan Next Study
A successful first study with our solutions is important to us, but it doesn't stop there.  We make ourselves available to you on an ongoing basis through our Sales, Technical Support, Client Services, and Scientific Services teams to ensure each and every study is a success.



DSICare, DSI, Data Sciences International
Additional Support

When applying for your grant or annual budget, don't spend hours searching for information to justify your purchase.  Find sample wording for all of our solutions on our website, and simply drop them into your proposal.


Need data?  Ask DSI.  We may be able to provide access to previously recorded data or enable you to acquire data through Proof of Concept (POC) or Contract Research Services (CRS) options.


When questions arise, check the DSI Support Center for the answers you need.  The knowledge base is available from the Apple and Google Play app stores or on our website.


You have a busy schedule and are not always able to spend unscheduled time on the phone.  Arrange a meeting with Technical Support when it's convenient for you with our ScheduleOnce tool, available through the app or on our website.



First study.  Every study.  DSI is here to help.