Matrix 2.0

Matrix 2.0 (MX2)

The Matrix 2.0 (MX2) manages communication between PhysioTel and PhysioTel HD telemetry implants and the acquisition computer.

The MX2 offers:

  • Simultaneous sampling from up to 8 implants
  • Efficient hardware setup with new MX2 PhysioTel® telemetry software interface used to quickly transfer and verify implant calibration values with one-time implant configuration
  • Fully calibrated telemetry data acquisition, optimized to maintain data integrity throughout the system
  • Access to HD Implant benefits such as implant serial number, battery ON time counter, and auto-calibration
  • Ethernet-based connectivity providing improved system portability allowing acquisition using a laptop
  • Automatic receiver detection and dynamic connectivity monitoring
  • Animal Activity measurements used to indicate animal movement

MX2 Configuration_PhysioTel Implant Config_8 Subjects

MX2 PhysioTel Telemetry Software Interface

MX2 vs. Data Exchange Matrix

The MX2 is the next generation version of the Data Exchange Matrix (DEM). The comparison table below highlights the key differences between the MX2 and DEM telemetry hardware.

Matrix 2.0

Data Exchange Matrix (DEM)

Software Compatibility

Ponemah v6.00

Ponemah v5.20 (SP6+)

Dataquest A.R.T.

Ponemah ≤v5.20

3rd Party Software via OpenART* 

*OpenART has reached its End of Life (EOL) and is no longer available for purchase. For information on continued support, please see DSI’s Software Support Lifecycle



PCIe card

# of Sources per Hardware Device for Concurrent Acquisition



# of Sources per Hardware Device for Schedule Sampling



Receiver Compatibility



RLAs (Legacy Receivers)

Distributed Receiver Array (DRA) Capability

1-8 Receivers

2, 4, 8, or 16 Receivers

Converter/Adapter Compatibility


APR-1 via E2S-1

C11V, C12V, Cable Access Adapter

APR-1 via DEM ‘A’ row


Power over Ethernet (PoE) via Switch or Dedicated Power Supply

Dedicated Power Supply