PhysioTel D70 Implants

DSI offers the following PhysioTel D70 large animal implants:

  • CTA-D70
  • D70-CCTP
  • D70-EEE
  • D70-PCT
  • D70-PCTP
  • D70-PCTR
  • PA-D70
  • TA-D70

D70 series telemetry implants are no longer available for sale in North America and Europe. 

Refer to the Implant Comparisons page to learn more about the capabilities of each D70 implant.

The latest technology available for large animal telemetry is offered with the DSI PhysioTel Digital line of implants. Several of the PhysioTel D70 implants already have a PhysioTel  Digital replacement available (same physiologic parameters). See table below.   
PhysioTel D70 Implant D70 Description                Available PhysioTel Digital Implant 
 TA-D70 Temperature implant  M00
 CTA-D70 Temperature and biopotential implant  M01
 PA-D70 Temperature and pressure implant  M10
 D70-PCT Temperature, biopotential and pressure implant  M11 or L11
 D70-PCTP Temperature, biopotential and two pressures implant  L21

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