DSI PhysioTelTM Receivers – RPC-1 for Mice and Small Animals

The RPC-1 receiver is most often used for monitoring animals housed in plastic cages that can be placed on top of the receiver. The RPC-1 receiver provides reliable reception of data transmitted via digital telemetry and has two receiving antennae oriented at right angles to minimize dropouts due to directionality of the transmission pattern.

Key Features

  • Quick visual identification of Serial Number without the need to disturb the animal or move the cage.
  • Easy, visual indicators of performance.
    • The Carrier Indicator provides an indication of a clear, strong signal from the transmitter.
    • The Power Indicator makes it easy to tell if the receiver is connected and receiving power.
  • Neat, professional identification of the animal with front panel label holder. This allows a piece of card stock to be inserted with an animal ID, experiment name, etc.

Implant compatibility:
The RPC-1 is compatible with implant models include in the following system platforms:

  • PhysioTel
  • PhysioTel HD

Hardware compatibility:
The RPC-1 is compatible with the MX2 . It is possible to place the RPC-1 receiver as much as 100 meters from the MX2, which automatically detects and forwards the model and serial number of the RPC-1 to the software.