The Race is on: Searching for Infectious Disease Countermeasures in the Midst of a Pandemic

Apr 1, 2020, 08:35 AM by Sara Kruper

Increasing world populations and ease of international travel are driving the necessity for better preparedness to protect the public from infectious disease outbreaks, as is evident with the current coronavirus outbreak.  Efforts continue to understand the pathology of infectious diseases, including coronaviruses, as well as to identify treatment and prevention measures.

DSI is proud to support these researchers in this pursuit, particularly as the spread of COVID-19 continues.  To learn more about how DSI solutions aid this search, download our free Infectious Disease Toolkit which includes:

- A case study highlighting research performed at the University of North 
  Carolina using DSI's whole body plethysmography to better understand 
  SARS coronavirus

- A bibliography of infectious disease studies citing use of DSI solutions

- A reference document highlighting tools used in preclinical infectious
  disease studies that can arm you to tackle coronavirus and other diseases

- An in-depth video discussing inhalation solutions for COVID-19 research

                          Click here to download button

If you would like to learn more about how DSI solutions can be integrated into your research, schedule a free consultation with us today!
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