Are inconsistent depositions affecting your inhalation study results?

Feb 3, 2020, 08:35 AM by Sara Kruper

Researchers commonly use inhalation towers to deliver a compound to multiple subjects simultaneously and may assume all subjects are  inhaling the same amount of compound.  However, as every animal has a unique breathing pattern, this is often not the case, and it can cause issues in the study results.

The new Accumulated Inhaled Aerosol (AIA) parameter in DSI’s FinePointe software allows you to set a desired deposition amount and be able to determine, in real time, how much compound each animal has inhaled, enabling you to remove an animal when a target has been reached.  The key benefits gained by using this feature are:

•     Reduction in the number of animals needed for a study to reach statistical significance, supporting animal welfare

•     More meaningful dose/response relationship as inhalation/deposition amounts are known, not assumed

•     More reproducible results, as subjects from one study to the next inhale exact amounts of aerosol

•     Simpler study protocols as aerosol delivery properties can be calculated backwards when you know desired deposition amounts

Check out the video below where UV Shemesh, product manager for our inhalation and exposure solutions, demonstrates how to use this feature.  Notice how long it takes for subject two to reach the same AIA as subject one!

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DSI Inhalation Solutions

The DSI Buxco inhalation exposure system is designed with the ease-of-use desired by researchers new to inhalation exposure, yet providing the performance and flexibility required by inhalation exposure experts.  Unique to DSI is the ability to perform accurate, real-time respiration monitoring during exposure, critical for animal welfare and determining accurate deposition levels.


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Stay tuned for additional inhalation and AIA-specific videos with more tips and tricks!

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