Universal XE Signal Conditioner

The most versatile of the available signal conditioners is the Universal XE. Designed as an all-purpose or "Universal" input for a variety of hardwired physiologic signals, the Universal XE eliminates the need to purchase numerous signal conditioners and amplifiers.

Designed for use in Life Science research applications:
  •  Blood pressures, Bio-Potentials, Temperatures
  •  Pulmonary Flow / Pressures
  •  Isolated tissues, Tension measurements
  •  High level input from various sensors / instruments


# Channels   4 Differential
Type of Coupling   AC / DC / Gnd
Resolution   16 bits
Maximum Rate    100K Samples/second per Channel
Transducer Excitation Voltage   2.5, 5, 7.5VDC±1%  and 10VDC ±5% @ 15mA, OFF
Digitizer   One Per-Channel
Signal Input    
Input Impedance   10MΏ
Input Range   Bipolar: ±25µV to ±5V Full Scale
Unipolar: 0-50µV to 0-5V Full Scale
Maximum Input   20V DC or AC Peak
(Max without damage)    
Analog Bandwidth   DC - 5kHz
Input Suppression    
Zero Suppression   Span ±5V - ±200mV: ±5V
    Span ±200mV - ±0.2mV: ±0.5V
    Less than 0.2mV: ±0.05V
Programmable Filters    
Low Pass   8-Pole Bessel: Range 10 - 5kHz
High Pass   1-Pole: Range 0.05 – 100Hz
Accuracy Specifications    
Gain Accuracy, % of FS   <±0.5% in mV range
Noise, p-p   <10µV Typical with 1kHz filter at Max Gain
Common Mode Voltage   ±5.0V
Common Mode Rejection   <-60dB
Crosstalk (60Hz)   <-90dB



Part Number                         Description
13-7715-59   Universal XE Signal Conditioner
J03590   Input Cable to BNC 10FT
J03587   Input Cable to 3 Lead ECG 10FT
13-7759-IDP   Isolated/Defibrillation protected ECG Probe
(Discontinued Product)
13-7759-GPP   Isolated/Defibrillation protected General Purpose Probe 
(Discontinued Product)
J03589   Input Cable to ISO POD 2.5FT
  BD DTXPlus Disposable Pressure Transducer bundle (includes Input Cable - J03588 and 10 transducers)
  Replacement BD DTXPlus Disposable Pressure Transducer (QTY: 10)
  Input Cable to BD Transducer / Blood Pressure 12FT
600-1114-001   Buxco TRD5700 Pressure Transducer (6 feet)
600-1114-002   Buxco TRD5700 Pressure Transducer (10 feet)
J03345*   Xdcr Force for FT-302
J03482-40*   Hugo Sachs Stratham Transducer
J03446*   Differential Head Stage Amplifier
(Discontinued Product)
P02302-701*   YSI Temperature Probe
J03586   Adaptor Cable 18”
* Requires J03586 (Adaptor Cable 18”)
Specifications are current at publication.
Due to DSI’s continuing product improvement program, specifications may change without notice.


All purpose signal conditioner