Easy ECG collection

Re-use devices across subjects and across multiple sample days to increase statistical power

Non-invasive ECG Monitoring in Small Animals

  • The CA-EXT is an externally worn telemetry device, enabling researchers to continuously collect ECG and activity from freely moving, unrestrained rats and guinea pigs.
  • Non-invasive ECG recording is ideal for applications using animal models not fit for surgery 

  • Device fits into jacket and electrodes are snapped to adhesive dermal patches, no incision or anesthesia is required 

  • Snapshot ECG enables high throughput studies with increased statistical power 

  • Increase experimental group size through simple process of jacketing additional subjects




Species Device ECG Vectors ECG Vectors

with Respiratory Impedance Plethysmography

Blood Pressure Add-on Temperature Activity Battery
Rats & Guinea Pigs CA-EXT 1 NA No No Yes 6 months