Non-invasive ECG and Respiratory Monitoring in Small Animals

Decro telemetry

The DECRO jacketed external telemetry solution is composed of:

  • Instrumented jackets: embedding plethysmographic sensors (respiratory function) and protecting the 2 external ECG electrodes (cardiac function). Jackets are specific to the species and size of the animals.
  • Emitter(s) and batteries: digitizing and transmitting physiological signals via Bluetooth to an acquisition unit
  • Acquisition unit(s): embedding the software (for Start range) and the data acquisition slots (1 for each animal) and acquiring physiological signals
  • Analysis server: embedding the software (for Advanced range) and allowing optimized and more powerfull features
  • Software: LASA Start (up to 2 animals) or Advanced software (up to 8 animals and optimized features).



Parameters Measured


  • Respiratory Cycle Time
  • Respiratory rate (bpm)
  • Tidal volume (Ua or mL)
  • Inspiratory – Expiratory time (sec)
  • Minute Volume (Ua/min or mL/min)


  • R peaks detection
  • R-R intervals (mS)
  • Heart Rate (bpm)
  • PQRST delineation
  • QT, ST Intervals calculation


  • Activity index (Normalized 3D acceleration in mG)
  • Compatible with neurobehavioral observational battery test


Safety Pharmacology

  • Combined cardiorespiratory and behavioral assessment to contextualize effects 
  • Repeated monitoring (i.e., to assess chronic effects …)
  • Extended monitoring duration vs restraining methods



  • Repeated monitoring of pathological models
  • Non-invasive monitoring in fragile models

Homecage Monitoring

  • Non-invasive & freely moving monitoring in various species 
  • Socialized monitoring to enrich models (i.e., expressed behavioral repertoire)

Vital Signs Monitoring

  • Real time intra and post operative monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring possible in different test systems / situations