Universal XE Signal Conditioner
The Universal XE signal conditioner was designed to provide an all-purpose or “Universal” input for 
physiological signals to be brought into the ACQ-7700 Acquisition Interface Unit. The Universal XE eliminates the need to purchase numerous signal conditioners and amplifiers to achieve the same results as just one Universal XE signal conditioner as it has the ability to handle a wide variety of signals.

Designed for use in Life Science research applications:
  •  Blood pressures, Bio-Potentials, Temperatures
  •  Pulmonary Flow / Pressures
  •  Isolated tissues, Tension measurements
  •  High level input from various sensors / instruments


# Channels   4 Differential
Type of Coupling   AC / DC / Gnd
Resolution   16 bits
Maximum Rate    100K Samples/second per Channel
Transducer Excitation Voltage   2.5, 5, 7.5VDC±1%  and 10VDC ±5% @ 15mA, OFF
Digitizer   One Per-Channel
Signal Input    
Input Impedance   10MΏ
Input Range   Bipolar: ±25µV to ±5V Full Scale
Unipolar: 0-50µV to 0-5V Full Scale
Maximum Input   20V DC or AC Peak
(Max without damage)    
Analog Bandwidth   DC - 5kHz
Input Suppression    
Zero Suppression   Span ±5V - ±200mV: ±5V
    Span ±200mV - ±0.2mV: ±0.5V
    Less than 0.2mV: ±0.05V
Programmable Filters    
Low Pass   8-Pole Bessel: Range 10 - 5kHz
High Pass   1-Pole: Range 0.05 – 100Hz
Accuracy Specifications    
Gain Accuracy, % of FS   <±0.5% in mV range
Noise, p-p   <10µV Typical with 1kHz filter at Max Gain
Common Mode Voltage   ±5.0V
Common Mode Rejection   <-60dB
Crosstalk (60Hz)   <-90dB



Part Number                         Description
13-7715-59   Universal XE Signal Conditioner
J03590   Input Cable to BNC 10FT
J03587   Input Cable to 3 Lead ECG 10FT
13-7759-IDP   Isolated/Defibrillation protected ECG Probe
(Discontinued Product)
13-7759-GPP   Isolated/Defibrillation protected General Purpose Probe 
(Discontinued Product)
J03589   Input Cable to ISO POD 2.5FT
J03125   Xdcr BD P23XL Blood Pressure Transducer
J03588   Input Cable to BD Transducer / Blood Pressure 12FT
J03591   Buxco TRD5700 Pressure Transducer
J03345*   Xdcr Force for FT-302
J03482-40*   Hugo Sachs Stratham Transducer
J03446*   Differential Head Stage Amplifier
(Discontinued Product)
P02302-701*   YSI Temperature Probe
J03586   Adaptor Cable 18”
* Requires J03586 (Adaptor Cable 18”)
Specifications are current at publication.
Due to DSI’s continuing product improvement program, specifications may change without notice.


All purpose signal conditioner