HD-X11: Mouse blood pressure & ECG from one implant!

With this product researchers can simultaneously record four parameters from a single mouse:

  • Systemic blood pressure
  • Biopotential signal (ECG, EMG, EEG)
  • Body temperature
  • Animal Activity

Improve physiologic results with: 

  • Reduced pressure channel drift and improved pressure accuracy over the PA-C10
  • Expanded biopotential bandwidth over the ETA-F10.

DSI’s PhysioTel HD implants allow researchers to focus on 
what matters — research.

Enhance data security with Animal ID
• Have confidence that the data collected is from the intended animal.

Reduce study setup time with Auto-Calibration
• Save time with auto-calibration and eliminate human error during
manual entry of offsets.

Maximize battery life with Battery On-Time Counter
• Dynamic battery life updates to assist with efficient study planning
and re-use of implants.

See the research completed with this product from your colleagues and collaborators in these Peer Reviewed Journal Publications.

Configuration Options

The HD-X11 device comes with 20cm biopotential leads which can be cut to length depending on the animal model used. Two different catheter lengths are now available:   

  • 5cm pressure catheter:
    • Aortic placement with transmitter body placed interperitoneal (IP)
    • Carotid placement with transmitter body placed subcutaneously
  • 7cm pressure catheter:
    • Carotid placement with transmitter body placed IP
    • New application opportunities

HD-X11 Product Specifications

System Components


Required Hardware:

Additional Helpful Tools:

  • Starter Kit contains:
    • Consumable surgical materials
    • User manual
    • Surgical guide
  • Non-Functional Surgical Practice Transmitters
  • Practice Catheters
  • Regel Syringe (see the Regel Video for how to use)
  • Lead Coupler Kit
  • Vessel Cannulation Forceps
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