DSI Lead Coupler Kit

Lead Coupler Kits are used to join two segments of leads (ECG, EMG, EEG, or respiratory impedance leads) and can be used with any DSI transmitter that contains leads. Typical uses for the kits are as follows:

  • Attaching existing, implanted leads to a new transmitter
  • Attaching new leads to a transmitter that will be re-used
  • Repairing damaged leads while in-vivo
There are five different coupler kits which vary depending on the transmitter model being used:

  • Use the Small Gauge Lead Coupler Kit (Part Number 276-0065-001) with the ETA-F10 and HD-X11 transmitters.
  • Use the Small Gauge Multi-Color Lead Coupler Kit (Part Number 276-0042-001) with the  HD-X02 and HD-S02 transmitters.
  • Use the Standard Multi-Color Lead Coupler Kit (Part Number 276-0146-001) with the 4ET, D70-EEE, F50-EEE, and D70-CCTP transmitters. Please note that there may be more leads (colors) in the kit than are included on your transmitter model. The yellow lead can be used for the common wire, if applicable.
  • Use the Respiratory Impedance Lead Coupler Kit (Part Number 276-0164-001) with the D70-PCTR transmitter.
  • Use the Standard Lead Coupler Kit (Part Number 276-0031-001) with all other DSI transmitters that include leads.