4ET Four Channel CNS Transmitter

DSI’s First Dual Module Device

Telemetric recording of physiologic data coupled with automated sleep-wake scoring software, facilitates the understanding of the neurobiological regulation of sleep homeostasis, circadian rhythms, stress and arousal, conditioning, and emotion and cognition. With the 4ET transmitter, you can easily collect four channels of any combination of EEG, EMG, EOG or ECG data plus temperature, around-the-clock. The 4ET transmitter is DSI’s first dual module device, enabling long-term studies through a minor subcutaneous telemetry module replacement to extend battery life.

Accommodates Paired Housing

Another key benefit of the 4ET transmitter is that animals may be monitored while pair-housed — promoting more natural sleep and behavior patterns. DSI’s complete line of telemetry allows wireless monitoring of freely moving animals.

RPC-2 Receiver

The RPC-2 Receiver was designed specifically for use with the 4ET transmitter. It accommodates the new transmission frequencies of the 4ET and can simultaneously receive data from up to two pair-housed animals implanted with the device. Like our standard rodent receiver, the RPC-1, it is typically placed underneath the subject's cage to receive the data transmission from the implanted transmitter(s). There are 2 power lights and 2 carrier lights to represent the 2 transmission frequencies of the 4ET. It is the same size as the RPC-1 receiver and can only be used with 4ET transmitter models.

PhysioTel® Transmitter Specifications

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