Cardiopulmonary Transmitter for Large Animals

Continuous and simultaneous measurement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems is now available via implantable telemetry through the use of respiratory impedance measurements.

This first-of-its-kind device, the D70-PCTR, is a versatile option for researchers with a need to monitor a pressure, biopotential, temperature, respiratory volume,  respiration rate and activity.

The D70-PCTR is suited for a broad range of study types including:

  • Safety Pharmacology studies to address core battery requirements in cardiovascular (CV) and respiratory applications. Core CV measurements include systemic pressure and ECG.  Core respiratory measurements include respiration rate, tidal volume and minute volume.
  • Biodefense research for both dosimetry and improved disease state monitoring resulting in a more accurate assessment of dosing and disease course, thus enabling better application of research to the Animal Rule. 
  • Studies designed to reduce animals used by omitting separate respiratory studies.

Analyze with Ponemah Software from DSI
In addition to providing the physiologic waveforms from the cardiopulmonary transmitter, DSI offers detailed analysis for blood pressure, ECG, and respiration via our Ponemah Analysis Modules.  Respiration rate, tidal volume, and minute volume can be automatically determined with DSI’s respiratory analysis capabilities.

Confidently examine your data knowing that the Ponemah system has been optimized to analyze this new impedance-based respiration signal. 

PhysioTel® Transmitter Specifications