JET Blood Pressure

The JET Blood Pressure Add-On

Expand on your Jacketed External Telemetry (JET™) capabilities with the JET BP Add-On and acquire accurate, continuous blood pressure data from a minimally invasive implant. No other system provides comparable accuracy or power for hemodynamics studies.

The JET Blood Pressure Add-On consists of a remote antenna receiver and electronics module that are interfaced directly to the JET device. Together these components receive a signal from a DSI pressure-only implant. The implant and receiver antenna should be placed as close as possible for optimal performance.


The DSI pressure-only implant is typically placed in the femoral or carotid artery to enable a direct blood pressure measurement via a simple, fast, and minimally invasive surgical procedure with a rapid recovery. Based on experience with canines and primates, the duration is 10 – 15 minutes from first incision to final suture. Implant sites are typically located within the optimal distance of a JET BP antenna that is housed inside a protective jacket. Accurate, continuous blood pressure data allows for determination of Systolic, Diastolic, and Mean pressures, along with Heart Rate and +/-dP/dt on a beat-to-beat basis.

Telemetry Implant Weight Volume Endpoints Warranted Battery Life
PA-C10-TOX 1.4 g 1.1 cc - Blood pressure
- Respiratory Rate*
1.5 mo.
* Respiratory rate is derived from pleural pressure, or blood pressure.


Due to the small size and simple surgery, histopathology concerns can be successfully mitigated. No significant histopathology was observed following implantation of up to 15 weeks.

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