JET Respiration

JET Respiration

Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography (RIP) uses state of the art technology to monitor respiration externally in a non-invasive manner. It allows stress-free data collection from free roaming animals and is superior to piezo-resistive effort belts due to the ability to more accurately assess changes in respiratory volume. 

Measurement of respiratory parameters utilizes RIP and requires the placement of two bands around the chest and abdomen. These bands connect to electronics modules which plug directly into the JET differential leadset, replacing two biopotential channels. As such, this Add-On is appropriate for use with either the JET-3ETA-BP or JET-5ETA-BP.

Accurate measurements of respiratory volume and rate are available through the addition of a JET Respiratory Add-On and Ponemah Pulmonary Airflow Analysis Module. Two bands are placed around the chest and abdomen to measure changes in diameter. After calibration, these changes in diameter enable determination of respiration rate, tidal volume, minute volume and phase shift. Respiratory Flow parameters are also available.

When used in combination with ECG and Blood Pressure, cardiopulmonary dependencies may be determined. 
Accurate Volume and Flow related endpoints require calibration. The Ponemah software enables two types of calibrations and allows for direct calibration versus a pneumotach, as well as a known or assumed tidal volume, for flexibility to your application.

Ease of Use
The JET Respiratory Add-On was designed to be adaptable to your study needs. For example, if you perform a respiratory study on canines one day but need to perform another study on primates the next, you can simply exchange the bands for the appropriate size and use the same equipment. Furthermore, should an animal damage the bands or cables, you can easily and inexpensively replace these items without needing to replace the more expensive electronics modules. These subtle design features allow for enhanced ease of use, lower operating costs, and increased flexibility in how you use your equipment. 

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