Buxco® Rat Head-out Plethysmographs

HO 1chamber side

Designed for the Demanding Safety Assessment Environment

Head-Out plethysmographs are used to measure basic respiratory endpoints in conscious, restrained subjects. Using a direct measurement approach, this simple and reliable method relies on the expansion and contraction of the thorax to calculate inspiratory and expiratory flows and volumes. This solution significantly reduces overall system cost as compared to other solutions as it requires fewer peripheral components and laboratory space.
Key Benefits
  • The simple, yet robust design of the Buxco head-out chamber is cost-effective, making it ideal for high throughput studies.
  • The chamber is available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of rat weights.
  • The patented Buxco® Allay™ restraint system secures the subject without compressing the thorax - unlike most plunger-type restraint solutions.
  • The chamber is made from a durable polycarbonate, and has a higher heat tolerance for use with cage washing systems. 

Components Included
Each of the three chamber sizes include the following components:

  • Silicone neck seal – two universal neck-size seals
  • Allay clips - one each of four neck sizes 
  • Polycarbonate front, rear, and restraint tubes
  • Silicone rear cap with integrated tail guard and plethysmography screen
  • Accessory kit: calibration plug with lure fitting, 3ft tubing, calibration syringe
  • Maintenance kit: O-rings, pneumotach screen, tube of silicon grease
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