Halcyon pneumotach for dog

Halcyon® Pneumotach

The Halcyon® pneumotach is used in most of DSI's Buxco plethysmographs. It cancels out noise by ensuring that both sensing ports on the differential pressure transducer measure the same pressure from an atmospheric event.  As a result, artifacts due to slamming doors, air ventilation ducts, or other air disturbances are minimized.  This pneumotach is especially important for sensitive flow measurements required by whole body plethysmography or FRC measurements.

With DSI's Halcyon® pneumotach :
  • Noise artifacts are more than 20 times smaller
  • Screens remain cleaner longer
  • Tuned for optimal frequency response characteristics
Halcyon pneumotach

This graph illustrates a comparison of the Halcyon pneumotach with a traditional pneumotach.