NAM Chamber with Allay Restraint - Mouse
The Allay™ restraint comes in several sizes to provide the best fit for your subject.

The Allay™ Restraint

The patented Buxco® Allay™ restraint secures the animal without compressing the thorax and keeps airways completely unobstructed. This restraint improves animal comfort and respiratory data collection since the animal can breathe more naturally. Traditional restraints rely on a plunger to restrain the animal which compresses the animal. Breathing patterns observed using a plunger are unnatural, and frequently exhibit inspiratory holds as the animal struggles to breathe. The Allay restraint facilitates a completely natural and relaxed respiratory pattern.

In addition, many chambers require a seal (usually a neck seal), and those chambers combine the restraint, seal and plethysmograph pneumotach into a single unit. This design makes it very difficult to insert the animal and to ensure a leak-free seal. With the Allay, you first restrain the animal, then you apply the seal, and finally, you insert the restrained and sealed animal into the plethysmograph. By separating those tasks, the Allay restraint system makes it easy to safely restrain and seal the animal.


• Easy to restrain the animal
• Animal can breathe naturally, unobstructed by any tight mesh or plunger
• Animal may require less acclimation time
• The Allay provides more access to the restrained animal than traditional restrainers