Ponemah Video

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Be confident in your results using synchronized video data for visual verification.





Get the Most Out of Your Research

Stop guessing at what might have caused your results. Gain greater insights and understanding into your result using the Ponemah & Noldus MediaRecorder combined video solution to visualize what happened. Verify physiologic events, associate behavioral changes to your physiologic data, or help determine the cause of artifacts in multiple research areas, including:

  • Seizure
  • Sleep
  • Behavioral research
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Movement disorders


Succeed with Ponemah Video

  • Synchronize up to eight video cameras with physiologic signals for better interpretation of your data
  • Acquire high quality video recordings in synchrony with Ponemah, or independently
  • Effortlessly view, browse, and synchronize data using sophisticated graphic and numeric displays
  • For CNS studies, bring your synchronized video and physiologic data into DSI’s NeuroScore software for further analysis


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Two Leading Technologies. One Integrated Solution.

DSI has partnered with Noldus Information Technology, a leading solution provider for human and animal behavioral research for 25 years, to offer scientists an integrated video experience by synchronizing DSI physiologic data with video captured via Noldus MediaRecorder.

Easily Add Video to Any Setup

Implantable Telemetry



Telemetry System with Cameras


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Tethered Analog EEG




Synchronize Video for Visual Verification of Physiologic Events



Playback synchronized video in real-time or step through data manually using NeuroScore post acquisition analysis. 





Compatible with the latest Ponemah releases of v5.x and v6.x. Please see the Ponemah Version Matrix for specific version compatibility.

This integrated solution supports IP and GigE cameras. As a stand-alone application, the Media
Recorder can record from USB cameras (web cameras), IP cameras, and more.