Carrier Signal Conditioner

The Carrier signal conditioner was designed to work with the Validyne DP-45 and DP-250 Pressure Transducers for accurate pulmonary pressure, volume and flow measurements.  Since the Carrier signal conditioner was designed around the Validyne transducers, you can be sure that measurements are accurate with virtually no drift when compared to competitive products.  Coupled with the Pulmonary Air Flow (PAF), Pulmonary Compliance and Resistance (PCR), and Unrestrained Plethysmography (URP) software analysis modules, DSI can record and analyze data from virtually any pulmonary application.


# Channels                         4
Type of Coupling    AC
Resolution   16 bits
Maximum Rate   5K Samples/second per channel synchronized to Excitation
Transducer Excitation Voltage   5VRMS @ 5KHz for use specifically with Validyne Transducers
Digitizer   Per Channel
Signal Input    
Input Impedance   >10M Ω
Input Range   Continuously Variable + 500μV to +300mV
    (0.2mV V to 120mV/V)
Maximum Input   30V DC, AC Peak
(Max without damage)    
Analog Bandwidth   DC-100kHz
Input Suppression    
Zero Suppression   Continuously variable, +250mV
Programmable Filters    
Low Pass   10, 30, and 100Hz
Accuracy Specifications    
Gain Accuracy, % of FS   <0.5%
Linearity, % of FS   <0.1%
Noise, % of FS   < 0.02%
Zero Suppression Error   <+0.5%
Crosstalk (60 Hz)   <45 dB



Part Number                         Description
13-7715-35   Carrier Signal Conditioner
J03399-14   Validyne Pressure Xdcr DP-45, +/- 2.25CMH2O
J03399-24   Validyne Pressure Xdcr DP-45, +/- 22.5CMH2O
J03423-14   Validyne Pressure Xdcr DP-250, +/- 2.25CMH2O
J03423-24   Validyne Pressure Xdcr DP-250, +/- 22.5CMH2O
J03397   Adapter cable from 4 pin Cannon to Lemo connector
Specifications are current at publication.
Due to DSI’s continuing product improvement program, specifications may change without notice.