PhysioTel Digital L series

PhysioTel Digital L series implants are ideal for use in Safety Pharmacology studies because these highly-accurate devices were designed to last long enough to use the same implant and subject across several studies. These implants are also ideal for researchers with a need to monitor several physiologic parameters in large animals. The L series is offered in the following models:

  • L11 – This versatile implant contains one pressure channel, one biopotential channel, one for temperature and one for activity. This is a perfect choice to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and ECG for cardiovascular safety studies.

  • L21 – The implant contains the same physiologic channels as the L11 model, but adds a second pressure channel. This implant is ideal for scientists who want to collect systemic pressure, left ventricular pressure, or others including bladder, thoracic, uterine and pleural pressure in addition to several other parameters. 


L21 Implant
  • L03 & L04 - These implants are capable of recording three and four biopotential channels (typically, EEG, EMG, or ECG), respectively. Both implants are also capable of recording animal temperature and activity. L03 and L04 are ideal choices for studies investigating sleep, seizure, neurodegenerative disease, movement disorder, or affective disorders.
  • L11R - This implant is capable of recording one pressure, one biopotential, temperature, and activity.  In addition, the implant can measure respiratory rate and volume via impedance.  The L11R is most commonly used in safety pharmacology and biodefense studies.
L11R, cardiopulmonary, cardiopulmonary implant, large animal telemetry