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Allegheny-Erie Society of Toxicology Regional Chapter Virtual Meeting

  • Dates: 13 – 19 Oct, 2020
DSI is proud to sponsor the 34th annual meeting of the Allegheny-Erie Society of Toxicology Regional Chapter. This meeting will take place virtually on October 13th, 16th, and 19th, 2020. Find the meeting program and additional information on the chapter website.

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Getting back into the swing of things
As you return to the lab, you may be looking for ways to jump start your research as quickly as possible. DSI's Scientific Services team is here to save the day with safe, customizable, and affordable
  • Need animals for a telemetry study? Try our pre-implanted animal service!
  • Need installation or training on a DSI system? Get virtual assistance from our technical support experts!
  • Have a mountain of data to analyze? Let our analysis experts do it for you and create custom reports to fit your needs!

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Get the high-quality toxicology data you need

Inhalation Exposure
Smoke Delivery
E-cigarettes and vaping are hot areas of research due to the rise in lung injury associated with them. DSI offers sophisticated systems for delivery of e-cigarette, vape, or traditional cigarette smoke.  Our latest smoke machine is compatible with all e-cig/vape devices and juices while conforming to the latest ISO standards.
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Know the Delivered Dose with Accumulated Inhaled Aerosol
DSI’s inhalation system provides a one-of-a-kind solution for researchers who want to minimize assumptions by looking at deposition amounts across multiple subjects. FinePointe software can create an accumulated deposition parameter and report against mortality using the subjects' plethysmography data. 

Respiratory Measurements
Direct Respiratory Measurements
Head out plethysmography enables direct measurement using a cost-effective, easy to validate system. This option is ideal for high throughput studies with shorter collection periods. Looking to measure resistance and compliance? Easily integrate our implantable telemetry and head out plethysmography to measure pleural pressure and pulmonary flow, respectively, and derive resistance and compliance in conscious animal models using our Ponemah software.
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Indirect Respiratory Measurements
Whole body plethysmography (WBP) enables indirect measurements with an easy to use, unrestrained system. As the animals are freely moving, there is less acclimation time required.  DSI's WBP solutions also allow integration of fluid swivels for IV dosing and blood draws, as well as hardwired biopotential collection and optogenetics.

Physiologic Monitoring
Reduce the number of animals required in your studies by getting more out of each one with the new PhysioTel™ Digital cardiopulmonary implant, L11R. this implant allows you to collect continuous cardiovascular and respiratory endpoints simultaneously with a single implant!

Measure a pressure, biopotential, temperature, respiratory volume, respiratory rate, and activity in conscious, freely moving large animals.

Interested in learning more? Check out this case study from Charles River Laboratories.

Coming Fall 2020: Ponemah v5.5!
Ponemah v5.50 will bring even more value on top of to the features you already know including:
  • Custom Derived Parameter11: Perform animal-specific QTc calculations directly in Ponemah for inclusion in reports and SEND output.
  • Data Cleaning11: Exclude non-physiologic data with full traceability rather than using custom macros for data exclusion.
  • Data Insights: Stop wasting time manually over-reading waveforms. Reduce the labor involved in your data analysis and validation processes by allowing the software to pinpoint data deserving of your attention.
  • SEND: Remove unnecessary QC steps and save time with automated data output to SEND 3.1 format.

v5.5 enhancements include virtual licensing (no more USB dongle), waterfall plot, improved protocol auto-configuration, EDF export for sensor data, and support for Noldus MediaRecorder 5.0.

Looking for more? View all toxicology solutions (in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo) from all the Harvard Bioscience brands!
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About DSI Events

Data Sciences International (DSI) is involved in over 60 events every year. These include scientific meetings such as industry trade shows, courses and seminars, workshops, as well as educational user groups and symposia all over the world.

DSI supported educational events are scientific meetings organized in cooperation with a local institution or society, pharmaceutical company, university, or local telemetry user group. Educational event meetings serve as an educational forum in which researchers can freely share current scientific information with their peers, students, and other interested scientists.

Common to the general theme of the meetings is the data collected through physiological monitoring of freely moving conscious laboratory animals made possible through the use of fully implantable telemetry technology.

Presentations and posters on the latest methods employed by the presenting researchers enable those attending to benefit from the as yet unpublished work of peers. Presentations can be on a wide range of related research topics including surgical implantation methods, data analysis methods, treatment effects of new pharmaceutical compounds, new animal models, behavioral and physiological interactions, basic research on physiological systems, and numerous other whole animal chronic monitoring research topics.

Meetings are held in classroom style with ample time allowed for questions and discussion among the participants. Typical audience sizes run from 40 to 120.